Primary Functions

The Human Resources & Industrial Relations (HR & IR) Office is responsible for every aspect of the human resources management and industrial relations functions within the scope of Engineering Resources Limited (ERL). Since the core business of the Company is to deploy ERLemployees to other Government entities, one of the principal roles of the HR & IR Office is to seek engagement opportunities and match them against the skill competencies of the released employees. The HR & IR Office also has the responsibility to negotiate with the recognised trade unions during collective bargaining or individually when it comes to individual matters. In providing career advancement opportunities to the ERL workforce, the HR & IR Office administers the entire internal recruitment and selection process. This Office also compiles and manages the individual contracts of employment and performance agreements of all ERL employees who are in a professional or managerial grade. Other important functions undertaken by the HR & IR Office is the handling of major disciplinary cases according to the applicable Code of Discipline and grievances referred to the Office of the Ombudsman. This Office also represents ERL before the Industrial Tribunal or any other Law Court and litigates the causes with the assistance of legal advisors. All employee records are the responsibility of the HR & IR Office and while the Company is still in its early development stages, the HR & IR Office is exploring and implementing new tools to facilitate its processes through computerised systems.