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Engineering Resources Limited History

​On 1st July 2014 Engineering Resources Ltd., (ERL) was registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority with its shareholders being the Malta Government and Malta Government Investments Ltd.

The Board of Directors initiated its business upon the repeal of the Enemalta Act 1977 when all Enemalta Corporation employees were transferred on the books of Engineering Resources Ltd., and henceforth all became employees of this new company.

While this move was taking place all employees were notified of the change of employer and were thus deployed to work at Enemalta plc or Enemed Co., Ltd. During the first months of operation, ERL gave the kickstart to its functions to attend the needs of its employees. Among the various activities that needed to operate was the Time and Attendance and associated activities, the wages section, Human Resources and Industrial Relations. As the months went by it was necessary to set out a plan on how ERL would react when employees from Enemalta plc are released and returned to ERL.

ERL had engaged on a process to inform Government entities that ERL would be offering its Human Resources to meet the shortage of staff that they had been encountering for years. Once this was made known, the Government entities were requested to submit their requirements so that they could be matched with the available human resources that were to become available. Since there was a large demand from the Government entities for ERL employees’ skills and competence, employees had the benefit to choose locations of work when more than one entity was seeking the same Human Resource. Although this was a difficult task to carry out in such a short period of time, it can be said that all employees are now deployed at several of the Government entities. Just because all released employees are settled and gainfully occupied, ERL’s work continues as the employer which will continue to provide the livelihood of so many employees and safeguarding their wellbeing.